Jenji, the streamlined expense management system

Jenji redefines what an expense management system should look like, whereas the numerous competitors try to build a better Excel for expenses. No wonder Jenji is the fastest growing company in the quadrant!

Jenji (a new Axeleo startup) dumps the clumsy expense report format by focusing on real-time expenses. The native mobile apps are not only little helpers, but they also enable employees to declare and keep track of charges in a matter of seconds. The powerful, best-in-class back-office empowers the Accounting and Payroll teams to automate the exports to their IT systems. Time is money: Jenji saves you both!

Nicolas and Pierre, Jenji co-founders, are serial entrepreneurs. Both engineers, they have been working for startups before co-founding in 2006, Zenika, an IT consulting company, which has been sold in 2013 (€12 million turnover and 120 employees). In 2013, Pierre also successfully exited Allegoria, a SaaS vendor for notarial studies (acquired by Fiducial in 2013).

“In our previous companies, when we spoke to accounting firms, we realized that we were not the only SMB company having trouble keeping costs and time in check when processing expense reports. After these two experiences, Nicolas and I decided then to start a new project together by incorporating Gleetr, the company behind Jenji” explains Pierre.


Jenji is the answer to the global expense management obsolescence

Employees need an easy and intuitive solution that delivers an excellent performance. Available on iOS and Android, users can snap receipts with the Jenji app and get the best-in-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition, the process of extracting essential information from the picture), check the info and save them for approval. With Jenji, everything works offline and synchronizes automatically whenever you get connectivity, so that you never have to think about it or wait until you’re connected.

Jenji helps companies move from a paper-heavy process to a collaborative and fast system where the expense data is structured. Jenji builds on this to provide customers with the market most advanced features on fraud detection, tax, and social optimizations, etc. Jenji integrates with nearly all accounting packages (Cegid, Sage, Quadra, Ibiza, etc.) and payroll systems, and makes sure these systems have exactly the right data synchronized based on the company policies.

With over 150 customers and growing at a very fast pace, Jenji focuses on making all expenses manageable and transparent for the accounting, payroll, and internal audit teams. Jenji is not only limited to reimbursable expenses but routinely handles the accounts payable receipts as well. Jenji is data-driven and will help you optimize your cost and purchase policies.

 They are currently looking for a Junior Sales, if you want to know more:


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