How this startup can end the French Uber/Taxi industry war

For the past two years, taxi drivers unions are protesting against Uber in France, shutting down roads and blocking access to major airports. The cause: taxi industry claims an unfair competition, where taxi drivers are suffering. The reason is not only based on regulations or the taxi license price. Remember how the Californian startup has been created: the two co-founders were looking for taxis after landing in Paris to attend LeWeb conference. None was available, no app created, being obliged to pay only in cash at exorbitant rates. Uber opens a profitable gate: the digitalization of the transport sector, reshaping the general structure of the industry.

When strikes started in 2014, Benoît, Bertrand & Béchir created Marcel, an innovative VTC company in France (known as “rides with licensed chauffeurs company”). They wanted to offer a great value for their drivers, by improving the occupancy rate of their cars with a competitive pricing known in advance to the customer thanks to a program able to handle everything automatically.

Yuso has created a robust algorithm to improve fleet logistic


That’s how Yuso is getting on the stage: the startup offers a dispatch management software to handle all taxi/VTC fleet logistic thanks to a yield management pricing approach and innovative, dynamic dispatch.

The SaaS platform (or TaaS, Transport-as-a-Service) is easy to implement and integrates all process, from booking to dispatching. Customers can book the service on web or mobile, and the back office optimizes the demand to find the best drivers (thanks to the dispatching tool) and send the ride directly to the app of the chosen driver. The software updates automatically and in real-time drivers calendars with instant or advanced bookings based on mapping calculations. An API is available to plug different services such as online payment, or marketing automation (SMS / emails..).

“It’s very easy to see the impact of technology between G7 and Uber. For the same volume of rides, G7 are ten times bigger in term of people compared to Uber. Thanks to the technology, Uber is automating many processes from dispatch to supply management” explained Benoît.

Yuso wants to answer mobility issues

But Yuso doesn’t want to stop there: the two founders are bringing the platform to others markets like ambulances or last-mile logistics. After months of tests, the startup already has their first results: “the solution integration by taxi, VTC, ambulance and delivery fleets translates into an average increase of 25% in the occupancy rate of their vehicles, as well as facilitated access to these modes of transport. We can provide a more efficient and competitive service” said Benoît.

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