Why corporates need to rethink their cyber security

Major corporations face cyber attacks. According to Accenture, one-third of corporate attacks succeeded in 2016. Why are corporates so vulnerable to cyber attacks? They are facing trouble because they have inadequate security controls. Attack methods are becoming more and more intelligent, but companies are still using defense methods from the 90’s. For instance, many businesses are still working on external threats whereas internal core systems are the ones used to make successful attacks like email phishing (PrivatBank), intrusions through third-parties (Target) or even software vulnerability exploitation (US Democratic National Committee).

Luc & Emmanuel worked five years at l’ANSSI, the French national agency in charge of cyber defense matters. Their jobs? They were in charge of the security of nation critical systems. During a crisis, they oversaw the identification of the attack origin point and had to manage all the cyber defense to push back the criminals. There are one of the few who faced real-world highly skilled hackers. During these operations, the two founders were able to identify a standard attack scenario which was continuously used by attackers to compromise the most secured environments. : there were exploiting directory infrastructure flaws.

“One million Yahoo accounts stolen, $951 million embezzle from Bangladesh Bank, US presidential election influenced, etc. Let’s be honest; we are currently losing the fight against attackers. When we created Alsid, we had only thing in mind: create technologies able to stop modern threats.” said Emmanuel Gras, CEO & co-founder of Alsid

Alsid : from research to innovation in the cyber security sector

During two years, Luc and Emmanuel published innovative research in brightest French security conferences to warn the security industry about the risks of unsecured directory infrastructures. During their studies, they demonstrate the central role of directory infrastructures have in the security of nowadays companies. They also found out that most of business executives in charge of security (called Chief Information Security Officers) don’t have proper solutions to identify security weaknesses on their infrastructure which usually lead the complete compromise of their companies.

Present in more than 90% of corporations, directory infrastructures provides authentification services. Each time you start your computer, access to shared files, read emails or even control industrial systems, you are using directory infrastructure without knowing it. These systems are in charge of controlling what you can do and what you can’t on information systems. Unfortunately, if a hacker can control these systems, he has complete access to company assets. In this way, major attacks on directory infrastructure can paralyze a company for years. Facing this significant risk which didn’t have a proper defensive solution, Luc et Emmanuel founded Alsid with the aim of redefining the way companies protect themselves against modern cyber attacks.

Alsid (a new Axeleo company) developed a SaaS solution that allows corporates to monitor the security of their directory infrastructures in real-time and anticipate cyberattacks by alerting about issues before criminals can exploit them. The magic thing? Companies do not need to change their business foundation. Deployable in less than an hour, Alsid technology understands the information system of the enterprise, detects flaws and gives pieces of advice to prevent attacks. With their technology, Alsid is changing the way companies protect themselves by providing an innovative solution able to stop advanced threats.


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